Summer Habits For Good Dental Health

Summer is here and everyone is excited for longer days and fun activities. Along with summertime fun comes food that tastes delicious, but is bad for your teeth. From savory staples like hamburgers and hot dogs to sweet treats like ice cream, the food may be satisfying for your stomach, but it won’t be satisfying to your teeth. The summer menu is chock full of memorable meals that people look forward to all year, but can wreak havoc long after warmer temperatures have dissipated and we begin to break out our favorite sweaters. Taking some of these steps can ensure you not only enjoy your summer treats, but also prevent the consequences from extending into the rest of the year.

Resist Too Many Sugary Drinks and Sweets

Summer is a time when we enjoy many different types of sugary drinks and sweets that are only available using the freshest fruit. However, the satisfaction you get from that momentary consumption can add up and have long-term impacts on you and your dental health. The best way to help your teeth and fight plaque is to not overindulge to begin with.

Brush Twice A Day

The basic advice that any New Hyde Park Dentist or Lake Success, NY dentist would give a patient (to brush twice a day) rings true no matter a person’s age. This is likely by far, the cheapest way to promote dental health and is the most consistent way to do so. Most Americans have no trouble at all adhering to a tooth brushing regimen which helps clean teeth, dislodge food, and keep breath fresh by killing harmful bacteria which can harm teeth, gums, and even have other health issues beyond your mouth.

Floss Regularly

Flossing regularly is another inexpensive way to maintain dental health and ensure that a person’s mouth is properly taken care of. While brushing is effective, even the most diligent brushing technique does not get every nook and cranny between teeth. Flossing is a great way to help ensure that anything that brushing didn’t reach is extracted from your mouth, so it won’t cause short or long-term damage.

Visit Your Dentist

Make sure to use your summer vacation time to take care of yourself in addition to getting some relaxing R & R. Ensuring that you use some time off to get your teeth cleaned by a Lake Success, NY dentist or New Hyde Park Dental is one way to help keep your dental health in tip top shape. This can also help ward off any incipient problems that can cause real and lasting damage by ensuring that treatment happens as soon as warning signs develop. Additionally, for more involved procedures that may require multiple office visits to New Hyde Park Dental or a Lake Success, NY dentist, scheduling some of those procedures during this summer can help you get a head start on future visits, and may make the overall experience less painful or less expensive if you can space them out.

No matter what your dental goals are this summer, we can help you plan a roadmap to permanent dental health. Contact New Hyde Park Dental or a Lake Success, NY dental office today to get started!

Signs You’re Long Overdue for a Dental Cleaning

Between an active life, the demands of family, crises at work, and everything else, our health often suffers. Sometimes, there is little to no effect noticeable except for an occasional pain or other issue that people justify by saying they can “live with” it. While many believe this will not lead to any long-term consequences as long as they don’t feel extreme pain, they are sorely mistaken and can be doing more damage to themselves than they know. Allowing “little things” to accumulate can create serious, long-term harm which may be irreversible. Below, we’ll detail a few signs that you’re long overdue for a dental cleaning and may need to book an appointment at New Hyde Park Dental or a Lake Success, NY dentist.

You can’t remember your last cleaning

Generally, teeth cleanings should be happening every six months or so, or at the latest one year. However, some people go years without a cleaning even though they don’t see large discoloration or any pain. There is still an erosion of enamel and other crucial systems in your mouth. Even with no visible damage or discoloration, years without a dental cleaning can wreak untold consequences.

Persistent bad or stale breath

If you brush twice a day, use mouthwash, and use mints and still find yourself reaching for gum or other breath enhancers, it may be time for a teeth cleaning. Plaque can build up and stubbornly stick despite a person’s best efforts. One of the best ways to keep your breath fresh is to get rid of plaque that retains the scent of old, stale food. If you find yourself in this situation, a Lake Success dental hygienist or dentist at New Hyde Park Dental can help you with a simple cleaning.

Yellowed or otherwise discolored teeth

While few people’s teeth retain a naturally white sheen over time, there is little to be done about it except teeth whitening. However, teeth can become extremely yellowed or discolored due to drinking beverages which have a high-propensity to stain such as coffee and red wine, and consuming foods which are rich in other elements that can lead to staining. Some Americans also engage in tobacco use, which can contribute to the stains and discolorations on teeth as well. While not a substitute for professional teeth whitening, a teeth cleaning from a New Hyde Park Dentist can sometimes bring you a couple shades closer to white.

Pain in and around the gums

One of the cosmetic indications of dental issues is a reddening of gums, but sometimes there is no way for a person to notice their gums are suffering due to a lack of dental care. Pain or sensitivity throughout any part of your mouth’s gums are a clear indicator a dental professional at New Hyde Park Dental or the Lake Success dental group should take a look at your mouth. This pain and reddening should not be ignored by any person, because gum pain is the beginning of larger issues.

Tooth pain and discoloration

The most serious sign that you’re overdue for a cleaning is tooth pain or severe tooth discoloration linked to frequent or occasional pain. Tooth pain is a serious sign that you need immediate dental attention from New Hyde Park Dental or a Lake Success dentist’s office, to ensure you address whatever is causing the pain. If the pain is severe enough, you should book an emergency appointment with us at New Hyde Park Dental, because you don’t know the permanent damage that can be done by whatever the underlying issue is.

Call our office today

No matter how long it’s been or why you need a teeth cleaning, you should contact our office in Lake Success today. We can help ensure a thorough cleaning with professional service that reflects our years of experience in dealing with even the most severe dental issues. Call New Hyde Park Dental or a Lake Success, NY dentist today so you can be on the road to dental health.