Going to the dentist can be a stressful time.

There are many aspects that go into a dental check- Up. At times patients may be a little scared as well. The fear of the dentist him/herself, the smells, the sounds, the pain; You name it. Once you get over that and remember that it’s all in your head you will have a much better experience.

The things to expect at a dental check up may vary greatly depending on what it is you’re going in for.

Before you go:

Be sure to keep a record: either in your head, on paper or in your phone, of all of the things that bother you when it comes to your mouth and teeth. Are you sensitive to anything hot or cold? Are you sensitive to anything hard or soft? Be sure to note anything that seems odd about your teeth so you can talk to your dentist about it.

You can expect a warm welcome from the receptionist.

Besides a smiling face greeting you when you walk into a dentist’s office, you will probably have to sign your name and, if it’s your first time in this particular office, you will have to fill out basic paperwork that shows your health records and personal information. When you finish the paperwork a dental hygienist will escort you to a room to perform the check-up.

You can expect to have different tests or evaluations.

There is typically an x-ray you will have to take so your dentist can examine the inside of your mouth, jawbone and teeth. It will show if there is any decay that should worry you or your dentist and if you need any major work done. The dental hygienist will look at your teeth and look for any visible cavities or imperfections in your teeth and gums and make a note of each.

Meet the dentist.

After the general preliminary evaluations you will meet with the dentist. They will go over your chart and the notes your dental hygienist made. This is the perfect time to talk to them about any and all of your issues. The notes you made about your dental issues come in handy now. It’s the perfect time to address any problems you’ve had since your last appointment. They will go over the problems with you, tell you the cause and then give you a solution, whether it’s a procedure or a different home care technique.

After the check-up:

You will be escorted to the back reception area. You will be asked about insurance and payment. It’s best to already know your insurance information and have the necessary cards available. Insurance card, valid identification, debit/credit card or cash are necessary. The receptionist helping you will be the one you ask insurance and payment questions. They can help you figure out a payment plan. You will also be able to schedule your next appointment, either for a procedure or another check-up that will be six months out.

Hopefully this made you feel more at ease when it comes to your dental checkup. Remember that dentists are there to help you live a life that’s healthy and pain free.

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