Tooth issues are common no matter what the cause of the pain might be. Sometimes, it’s a simple tooth ache from eating something too hot or too cold too quickly. Other times, it may be related to other medical conditions, or a sign that you need to get your teeth cleaned and gums taken care of. Finally, sometimes, it is a sign of a tooth abscess and the need for immediate dental care. Below, we’ll detail what a tooth abscess is, what its symptoms are, what a dentist can do for your tooth abscess, and what to do if you think you have one.

What is a tooth abscess and what are its symptoms?

A tooth abscess is a pocket that is often filled by pus which is usually caused by a bacterial infection, which can occur in different parts of the tooth for different reasons. Unlike cavities, they can occur generally anywhere. There are two different kinds of abscesses. One is called a periapical abscess and occurs at the tip of the root which is at the bottom of the tooth in the gums. The other one, a periodontal abscess, occurs at the side of the tooth near the gums. 

These abscesses are often caused by a bacterial infection that has occurred as a result of an untreated or badly treated cavity, an injury, or prior dental work that was done carelessly. Symptoms of a tooth abscess can include: a toothache that can radiate to your jaw, ear, or other nearby extremities, sensitivity to chewing, biting, or hot and cold temperatures, fever, swelling in the face or neck, a difficulty breathing or swallowing, and other dental-related difficulties. 

What can a New Hyde Park dentist do for my tooth abscess?

If a dentist determines you do indeed have a tooth abscess, there are several possible courses of treatment that can be taken. The first is to open up and drain the abscess by making a small cut and allowing the pus to drain out, while he or she washes it with a saline solution. Another option might be to perform a root canal that can not only drain the abscess, but can help save the infected tooth. The most extreme option is to pull the infected tooth to prevent further damage to the jaw and other areas of the mouth, if the harm is severe enough. A dentist may prescribe antibiotics at his or her discretion to stop any spread of infection or potential spread.

What should I do if I think I have a tooth abscess?

Call our New Hyde Park office today to schedule an appointment to find out what one of our dentists can do for your tooth abscess. Our staff of dental professionals is standing by to help and is ready to assist you, no matter the dental issue you may face.

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