We’ve all been there: our mouth doesn’t feel quite right, teeth are very sore or very sensitive, hot or cold liquids or food cause pain, and a range of other symptoms pop up. This in addition to a consistent, throbbing pain is a tell-tale sign of a cavity. Other times, the pain is so inconsistent that it barely merits a second thought. This range of symptoms can lead some people to forgo a visit to NHP Dental and even postpone their regular dental checkup, because they may incorrectly feel that no pain means no problem. However, the symptoms above can be signs that you may have a cavity and should visit our Lake Success Dentist office sooner rather than later.


The mostly commonly associated issue when it comes to cavities is toothaches. It has many people rushing to the pharmacy for temporary pain relief from oral gels or other over the counter medicine. However, toothaches can’t be permanently treated by over the counter pain relievers, which are only a temporary solution. Only a qualified New Hyde Park dentist can help ensure that your toothache – whatever the cause, is relieved in both the short and long term.

Tooth Sensitivity

Usually less severe than a toothache, tooth sensitivity can be a part of a person’s daily life without too much pain or interruption of daily activities. Many learn to live with this low-grade pain and may even avoid their favorite foods such as cold ice cream or piping hot coffee, to not have to deal with the tooth sensitivity. This can be a sign of an underlying issue such as a cavity, even if a low-grade one. That’s why you should never take a chance on it being “just sensitive teeth.” You should quickly schedule an appointment with New Hyde Park Dental, to make sure that those sensitive teeth don’t have any other issues.

Visible holes in your teeth or other unsightly stains 

As people get older, their teeth often yellow and weaken over time. However, this doesn’t always include unsightly stains. Sometimes, unsightly stains are more than just coffee stains and can signal a cavity or another issue related to your teeth. Another indicator that you may have a cavity is a visible hole in a tooth or teeth. Whenever you see these, you should immediately schedule an appointment at our Lake Success, NY dental office, so one of New Hyde Park Dental’s dentists can work to determine whether you do indeed have a cavity or another medical malady.

What should I do if I think I have a cavity but don’t have any of the above symptoms?

A cavity can manifest itself in multiple ways, not all of them detectable to non-dental professionals. If you think you have a cavity, you should contact New Hyde Park Dental so you can be seen by a professional who can diagnose your ailment. No matter what you choose to do, the most effective way to prevent cavities are regular teeth cleanings by a dental office and brushing and flossing. Contact our Lake Success, NY office today for an appointment with a cavity dentist, so you no longer have to live with even the thought of a cavity!

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