For thousands of Americans, mouth odor is a recurring problem that they wonder how to get rid of. This can make a person embarrassed to speak for fear odor will overwhelm their words and leave their intended audience more repelled than anything else. Many feel not only embarrassed but also wonder how they can get rid of the mouth odor that continues to plague them day after day. Below are a few tips on how to prevent mouth odor so you can speak to your friends, family, and colleagues without fear of mouth odor being the first thing they see or feel about you.

• Brush and floss your teeth daily: there are fewer more effective ways than twice daily brushing and flossing of teeth to eliminate odor from food or drinks which has stayed on your mouth over time. This won’t only combat mouth odor but will pay long-term dividends when it comes to your overall oral health.

• Rinse your mouth with a New Hyde Park dentist-recommended mouthwash: sometimes brushing and flossing doesn’t get to all the problem areas you need to tackle. We recommended mouthwash won’t only kill bacteria but will usually also have a minty flavor that can only bolster fresh breath.

• Make sure to use a tongue scraper: over time, a film or layer will develop on your tongue that can lead to ongoing and long-term breath that may be durable no matter your best efforts. Using a tongue scraper can be a hard reset on your mouth and tongue that daily care such as brushing and flossing cannot get rid of.

• Avoid foods that stick on your breath in addition to tobacco: some foods are much more potent breath wise than others. Onions and garlic are huge offenders that cannot simply be brushed away or eliminated with mouthwash as they are absorbed into the bloodstream. If you must eat foods with these ingredients, they are best saved for end of day meals. Additionally, if you’re even a social smoker, kicking the tobacco habit will help ensure you don’t have mouth odor which is difficult to get rid of and that can stain your teeth both in the short and long term.

• Skip the mints, chew gum: mouth bacteria is drawn to sugar which is often highly present in mints, only exacerbating bad breath over time. On the other hand, gum helps produce saliva which can be helpful in fighting bad breath.

• Keep your mouth moist and your gums as healthy as possible: dry mouth leads to bad breath and other mouth odors, so a moist mouth is helpful in a clean, professional presentation. Drinking water will keep your mouth moist and help your breath to be crisp and clean. Additionally, watching your gum health is crucial to helping ensure that you eliminate any potential pockets of bacteria that can cause bad breath or other mouth odor.

• Visit our Lake Success dental office on a regular basis: no matter how intense your home care routine, nothing replaces a visit to the dentist. Be it regular cleanings or more intensive dental help, a visit to our New Hyde Park Dental office will help decrease mouth odor and put you on the right path to oral health for years to come.

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