A broken tooth is sometimes a fact of life. No one wants to deal with the unfortunate pain, hurt, and distress that is caused by it. For most, they can’t wait for a convenient moment to go to our New Hyde Park dental office. However, many people have not experienced a broken tooth before and, understandably, have questions about how a dentist extraction a broken tooth. Below, we’ll detail a few ways.

Filling to fix a broken tooth

For the smallest of injuries to a broken tooth, a dentist may decide to create and insert a filling into the break. In the process of fixing a broken tooth, a dentist will likely bond it. This involves using a resin, shaping it to the outside “look” of the tooth, and letting it set. Usually, this tooth colored resin will look natural and be a permanent fix for a broken tooth, so no one but the patient will know work was done. 

Dental crown fix a broken tooth

Larger pieces of a broken tooth often require a dentist to fix it using a crown or a dental cap. Usually, depending on the type and size of the break, a dentist will file down your tooth so it is easy to place a cap or crown on it. This is done through making an impression of a tooth with a putty-type material that is then sent to a lab or manufacturing center. There, using the impression, a crown or dental cap is created. While you wait for a permanent crown or dental cap to be created, the dentist will likely give you a temporary crown so you can continue to live and eat normally.

Removal of a broken tooth

Sometimes, there is little recourse but to extract or remove a broken tooth and evaluate options. If your dentist determines this is the right course of action, they will numb the area and extract the tooth using a variety of tools. Following the removal of a broken tooth, you and your dentist can evaluate options for replacement or something, such as dentures, that will mask the fact that your tooth was removed.

What if I have more questions about how a New Hyde Park dentist extraction a broken tooth?

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