Coronavirus and Your Teeth – What To Expect When Visiting the Dentist

For many, COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, has upended expectations about what is normal, and how a person should care for their dental health and well-being in this time of crisis. Working with a New Hyde Park dentist, you can ensure that your teeth are clean and ready to go as usual while not being worried about catching what is becoming a more and more serious pandemic by the day. As medical professionals, dentists in New Hyde Park have an appreciation for health, safety, and sanitation of their office, staff, and customers. There are many who have already delayed or cancelled elective procedures that had pure cosmetic motivations with medical implications behind them and others who have postponed routine procedures, such as teeth cleaning, for a few months. These are quick and easy answers to choices most patients can provide themselves without having to consult with a New Hyde Park dentist or Lake Success, NY dentist. However, things get less certain when there is an upcoming emergency dental procedure or another procedure which cannot be rescheduled. Below we’ll detail some of the common questions that patients are asking themselves before heading out to the dentist during a time of uncertainty due to the coronavirus.

Does Coronavirus Mean My Dentist Can No Longer Provide Dental Services?

In practice, a great many dental offices have closed due to the threat coronavirus presents regarding the easy person to person transmission which can occur. For example, a person looking to go to a New Hyde Park dentist may incorporate that stop as one of many throughout the day thus infecting not just a dentist’s office in New Hyde Park or a Lake Success dentist’s office but other people as well. However, as an essential service, the Lake Success dental group and other dentists in New Hyde Park may open at their discretion in order to treat true dental emergencies or have emergency dentists on site and ready. For any dental procedure, whether scheduled or unscheduled, you should call a New Hyde Park dentist before you arrive at their office and attempt to determine the best course of action over the phone prior to any in-person consultation.

If I Visit the Dentist, Does That Mean I Am at Risk for Coronavirus?

Similar to any endeavor in life, there is no 100% guarantee that you will not be exposed to any disease. However, as medical professionals, New Hyde Park dentists and Lake Success, NY dentist at the Lake Success dental group take the most stringent precautions when it comes to cleaning their offices, sanitizing equipment, and working to be aligned with Center for Disease Control guidelines. Especially visiting an emergency dentist in New Hyde Park, you will likely see a much larger use of sanitizers, wipes, and other protective medical equipment which will help promote your safety in addition to that of the dental staff. However, in addition to those at the dental office, you must do your part to help ensure safety by washing or sanitizing your hands in addition to wearing masks and other protective coverings. Don’t solely rely on the dental office staff and Lake Success, NY dentists when visiting the office.

What Happens When the Threat Coronavirus Threat Subsides?

Once federal, state, and/or local authorities give the all clear to return to work and life as usual, Lake Success dental group and many other New Hyde Park dentists will likely open up and return to work again for procedures that were non-emergency or even considered elective, such as teeth whitening.

Deep Teeth Cleaning – Do You Need One?

Taking care of your teeth is sometimes the last thing on your mind. Between work, family and professional obligations, and other important life events, your teeth are out of sight out of mind; until you either feel a pain or notice that you’re no longer looking your best when you smile in pictures. For some, a regular cleaning will suffice but for others who have been out of a New Hyde Park dentist’s chair for a while, a deep cleaning is the way to go to restore dental health and get that winning smile that you can be proud of. 

What is a deep cleaning?

A deep cleaning conducted by a Lake Success dentist at New Hyde Park Dental is a sometimes necessary procedure which involves going beyond a regular cleaning to tackle longer-term issues which may have grown and manifested themselves. Many of us are familiar with a regular cleaning where a dentist or dental hygienist works to remove plaque from your teeth, gums, and any other affected areas of your mouth which, through the normal course of use and brushing and/or flossing twice a day, are stained and plaque is built up.

However, if you have not been in a New Hyde Park dentist’s chair in a while or you do not follow a successful twice a day habit, then you may be a candidate for deep cleaning. Unlike a regular cleaning, a deep cleaning is designed to stop or otherwise slow the spread of Gingivitis, known by red, swollen gums that are quick to bleed when touched by a toothbrush or other dental implement. If nothing is done, this could lead to periodontal disease which infects your gums and bone and, apart from pain, could lead to gum and tooth decay or loss. Unlike the maintenance of a regular cleaning, a deep cleaning at New Hyde Park Dental works to stop a disease already in progress.

Do I need a deep cleaning?

Only by making an appointment with a Lake Success dentist at New Hyde Park Dental can you know if you need a deep cleaning. Our dental professionals will examine the condition of your teeth and mouth visually, with dental instruments, and, if need be, take X-rays and other diagnostic scans to ensure we have a full picture of what’s going on. 

If your dentist in Lake Success, New York determines that you need a deep cleaning, he or she will consult with you to help ensure that you receive the quality care that you deserve. Usually, if you have deep pockets of plaque, which is usually defined as 4mm or more of thickness, then a deep cleaning is likely the way to go for you and your continued dental health through the years. While more intensive than a regular cleaning, a deep cleaning is a short-term investment in a very long term issue.

Are there any other reasons to get a deep cleaning?

Yes. Dental health is correlated to a wide variety of ailments including heart disease, dementia, diabetes and many other diseases which can impact long-term health in a variety of ways. Ensuring that your teeth are clean is just one of the ways in which you can maintain a healthy lifestyle which will increase your quality of life and, hopefully, your longevity as well.

How do I make an appointment to get a deep cleaning?

Contact our dental professionals at New Hyde Park Dental so you can get in a Lake Success dentist’s chair and get evaluated. From deep cleanings to other dental procedures, we’re here to help you.

The Advantages of Dental Implants

Oral care can be a literal pain, especially as we age. Our once pristine teeth which flashed a pearly-white smile yellow with age, making it embarrassing or even difficult to smile for photographs, converse with friends and family, and contribute to a lack of self-esteem. Additionally, the weakening of your teeth and enamel can lead to pain while eating, chewing and swallowing making eating, something that should be a joyful activity shared with others, a source of embarrassment or shame. This is without mentioning the myriad of dental issues that can creep up causing longer-term oral health problems that can create disease which impacts other parts of the body. Luckily, New Hyde Park Dental can help alleviate these ailments through the use of latest dental implants. 

Why are dental implants in New Hyde Park a good option for me?

Dental transplant installed by a New Hyde Park dentist are a good option for many whose teeth are no longer able to be sufficiently maintained through a regular cleaning and upkeep routine. Implants can save you thousands of dollars in dental costs in the long run through ensuring your mouth is no longer the subject of decay. 

What are some of the other benefits of dental implantation?

Dental transplant can have a myriad of positive effects on your life that are not directly medically related. A New Hyde Park dentist can work to ensure that the implants you pick are appropriate for your budget and needs. Dental implantation have a variety of extra benefits and can improve:

  • chewing – and it won’t slip out like some dentures, so you can avoid those embarrassing moments at important business meals or long-awaited family reunions
  • your smile’s overall appearance – so posing for a headshot, a photo with your children or grandchildren, or at an important event won’t leave you smiling awkwardly
  • your speech – as you won’t have to worry about any issues caused by dentures not sticking to your mouth
  • dental durability – as implants will typically last longer and be stronger than any other type of alternative available such as a crown or dentures
  • your morning and evening routines – as roots dental do not require any sort of removal or special care

How long do dental implants typically last and how successful are they when attached by a New Hyde Park dentist? 

Roots dental, when installed by an experienced Lake Success dentist, typically last a lifetime with proper care and with regular visits to a dental professional or as needed. The success rate of these implants is the high 90% range, given they are a common practice for individuals of any age or dental health. Anyone is eligible to get dental implants no matter their age as long as they have sufficient bone to hold the implants in. Healthy gums are a must in order for the implants to be successful.

What happens after my implants are attached?

An experienced Hyde park dentists will ensure that the implants have a natural look and feel avoiding the artificial look which plagues some implant patients. Your new teeth will work just like your original teeth and will require much of the same care such as brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist. 

Will my insurance cover dental implants?

Dental insurance does not cover implants except in some specific cases. However, the medical and billing professionals at lake success dental care can work with you for a d implants treatment and payment plan that fits your timeline and budget so getting the implants is just as easy as living with them.

What do I need to do to get d implants that fit my needs?

Contact us today at New Hyde Park Dental to ensure that we’re able to create a dental implant plan that fits your life and needs!