Your teeth are crucial in determining your overall health, whether it’s your digestion, gut health, or even heart health. Not having good dental hygiene can lead to teeth problems that can cause you to lose confidence. 

However, getting your dental health back on track is only possible when you know what warning signs to watch out for. Here are seven signs that your dental health has gone wrong:


If you notice that one tooth or more has been giving you pain consistently over a few days, do not ignore it. Even tooth pain for a few hours can be extremely inconvenient, and you may have a cavity that requires immediate attention. 

Missing Teeth

While you can get veneers in Hyde Park when dealing with chipped or stained teeth, it’s a different case with missing teeth. Missing teeth can impact your ability to chew food properly and give you digestion problems later. It can also affect how confident you feel about your smile, and ensuring you get it resolved immediately is advisable. 

Bad Breath

Depending on your diet and lifestyle, the reason behind your bad breath can vary. Gum disease and gingivitis can also cause bad breath, so it is better to see a dentist in Hyde Park sooner rather than later when you’ve been dealing with bad breath. 

Mouth Sores

Sores in your mouth can point towards benign canker sores, but there’s no way to know unless you see a dentist. If you are dealing with consistent sores, have your dentist diagnose it right away to ensure it’s not something serious. 

Bleeding or Swollen Gums

When you are not maintaining oral hygiene, bleeding or swollen gums can become common. It can also signify an underlying issue like an irritant beneath the gums. You may also be in the early stages of gum disease, but only a professional check-up can determine what it is. 

Dry Mouth

Consistent dry mouth can be a symptom of a chronic ailment like diabetes. Saliva is an important indicator of good oral hygiene, and a dry mouth can get quite uncomfortable at times. Your lifestyle or lack of water intake could be behind your dry mouth, or it could be a side-effect of another ailment. 

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold Temperatures

If you feel pain or uncomfortable after eating or drinking hot and cold foods, you might be dealing with teeth sensitivity. It can result from a root canal, but if you haven’t gotten that done recently, it’s a good idea to visit the dentist. Sensitivity can also point toward gum disease, a cracked tooth, or receding gums. 

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